Croakies Terra Cord Max Adj Solid Mix XL End

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With Croakies Terra System XL End, climbing rope meets interchangeable end technology, setting the standard for toughness and versatility. Croakies Terra System XL End is designed to accompany you across a wide range of outdoor activities, the adjustable Terra System retainers make a great climbing partner any day of the week. Max Ends fit Medium Sized Eyewear Temples between 6 to 9mm.


  • Terra System Regular: 12³ long (each side) x 3.2 mm (diam.)
  • Articulating, Re-Attachable Ends Available in Varying Sizes
  • Made with Durable Woven Climbing Rope
  • Colourfast & washable
  • Adjustable Slider Bead
  • Proudly Made in Bozeman, MT

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