Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz - Tablets

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Hammer's Endurolytes Fizz is available in five subtle, palate-pleasing flavours:

Grape, Lemon-Lime, Grapefruit, Cola and Mango and is what you come to expect from Endurolytes (capsules) in convenient, rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets.
With Hammer Endurolytes Fizz you have a deliciously refreshing alternative to fulfil your body's all-important electrolyte requirements.

Cramping is your body's final warning signal that you're on empty, electrolyte-wise. However, your performance is deteriorating and you are slowing down long before you feel the slightest twinge of a cramp. To keep your muscular, digestive, nervous, and cardiac systems firing on all cylinders, you need a consistent supply of all of the electrolytic minerals, not just sodium and potassium. Plus, in many instances, you require greater volumes of electrolytes than any sports drink or gel can provide. That is why Hammer Endurolytes Fizz fulfils such a crucial component of your fuelling by supplying your body with a balanced, full-spectrum, rapidly assimilated electrolyte source, allowing you to meet your widely variable electrolyte needs with tremendous precision, hour after hour, no matter what the weather throws at you.


  • Superior cramp prevention
  • Full-spectrum, balanced formula
  • 13 Convenient, rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets per tube
  • Deliciously refreshing flavours
  • No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Free of undesirable manufacturing lubricants
  • Cola flavour contains 20mg of caffeine per serving 


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