Huma Collagen & Protein Recovery Smoothie - Mixed Berries

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A great tasing post-workout recovery smoothie for joints, muscle, heart, bones, basically the whole body!
Collagen + Whey helps ALL of you recover for the next workout.
  • 15g of Collagen + Whey Protein: Joints. Muscles. Heart. Bones. Hair. Research indicates Collagen Protein benefits all of them. We pair our type I, II and III collagen fuel with premium whey protein for maximum muscle repair so you have the ultimate post-workout supplement for your intense workouts. 
  • Natural, Real-Food Ingredients: Collagen + Whey protein, 21g of fruit-based carbs, bananas & sea salt for 700+ mg of Sodium & Potassium, and 4g healthy fats. 
  • Electrolyes (Recovery Blend): 280mg Sodium, 340mg Potassium, 50mg Calcium, 40mg Magnesium.
  • Eat Anywhere: Ready-to-drink pouches with no prep work. Tired of cleaning your blender, bottle, or cup? No muss no fuss cleanup, and tastes like your favorite fruit protein smoothie.
  • Zero Added Sugar. Gluten Free. Soy Free. No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors.

1 pouch, mixed berries. 

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