Humangear GoBites Ti-Uno - Titanium

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Humangear's Gobites Ti-Uno takes the spoon-fork to the next level.  Humangear's Ti-Uno is built with smarter ends, including a spoon deep enough to slurp soup and low-curvature edges to scrape container walls. The fork has tines long enough to twirl spaghetti and "splitter tines" on each edge for easy soft-food splitting. The unique U-shaped head orientation also makes Uno much more comfortable to hold compared to competitive combination tools that poke and jab you.

While Humangear's Uno is among the strongest portable utensils on the market, there’s something about a classic titanium spork that just never goes out of style. The Ti-Uno keeps the same great features as the original Uno while sporting a redesigned profile that takes advantage of the light weight and incredible strength of titanium.


  • Redesigned profile that takes advantage of the light weight and incredible strength of titanium
  • Heat resistant
  • Ambidextrous: tapers on both sides enable left-or right-handed use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Optimised tool ends
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Low-curvature edges (end and sides) afford easier scraping of container sides to get that last spoonful
  • Wide waist means more finger resting area and a much stronger utensil
  • Tapered edge ‘splitter tines’ help cleave soft foods whilst keeping fork comfortable to use
  • Award winning: Red Dot Design Award, Fast Company Innovation By Design Award, Spark Design Award, International Design Excellence Award, and iF Design Award

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