Humangear Stax XL/EatSystem

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Humangear Introduces the first modular storage system designed for humans ” humangear Stax. All Humangear Stax containers click together with a simple, quick 180-degree twist for effortless organisation. Each container features its own leak-tight lid, and there's a removable ClipHandle on top. Take one, take a bunch ” it's your stuff, take what you want.

Humangear Stax Extra-Large / EatSystem ” 1 short container, 1 tall container, 1 utility tray, GoBites Click utensil set (fork and spoon), ClipHandle, 2 lids.

All Humangear Stax containers of the same size click together for easy transport. No more loose containers that you have to juggle in your hands. With a simple twist, the containers are connected. The ClipHandle not only offers a way to hold the containers from a loop, but it also acts as a clip, so you can hook one container or an entire stack of humangear Stax to a backpack.


  • FDA food-safe
  • dishwasher-safe
  • microwave-safe (although, make sure to remove the lid before microwaving)
  • The lids even have silicone gaskets for superior sealing


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