Injinji OUTDOOR 2.0 Midweight Mini-Crew Socks

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Versatile toesocks for travelling across all kinds of terrain. Made from Nà ¼Wool , these are soft, odor resistant, and keep temperatures regulated for maximum comfort. Blisters are not an issue œ our patented five-toe design wraps each toe in Nà ¼Wool , eliminating skin-on-skin friction. Freeing your toes also frees your foot œ you'll splay naturally on impact, and have better balance and feel underfoot. The footbed is cushioned to absorb shock, arch support is built in, and the mesh top lets your feet breathe.

  • Arch Support
  • Blister Prevention
  • Moisture Management
  • Total Foot Utilization
  • Mesh Top
  • Protective Cushion

Fiber content: 43% NuWool 43% Acrylic, 12% Nylon 2% Lycra ®

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