Moxie Ankle Gaiters

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Moxie Ankle Gaiters are designed to prevent dirt and grit from going inside your shoes. This can occur when running, walking or hiking through varying conditions and terrain.  Our Design team in Melbourne have years of experience competing in the world adventure racing circuit and obstacle racing events. By applying their experience and knowledge, the aim was to create a durable, lightweight and can fit underneath the shin gaiter or simply on its own.

The new Moxie Ankle Gaiter now comes with a new buckle on both sides of the gaiter. This allows you to replace the straps and is fully adjustable to accommodate most types of shoes. It is made with a PPE material which makes it more durable and resistant to wear. An elastic section on the back of the gaiter helps grip the shoe to prevent dirt from getting under the gaiter. It also ensures a better fit for a wide range of shoe sizes.

Get complete protection by pairing your Ankle Gaiter with our Shin Gaiter.

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