RAIDLIGHT 1.8L Hydration Reservoir (Water Bladder)

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The Raidlight 1.8L Hydration Reservoir is compatible with the Revolutiv (V2) 24 and all Responsiv and Activ packs and vests. The reservoir is super easy to use with a slide top opening for easy filling, and easy to clean with a removable hose with automatic shut off valve to prevent leaking. The bite valve has a push/pull lock to stop any pressure leaks. The hose is insulated to protect from cold and heat. can be suspended vertically or horizontally.


- Weight: 155g

- Capacity: 1.8L

- Flat Dimensions: 30X21cm

- Quick Release Hose

- Insulated Tube Cover Included

- Silicone Bite Valve with Locking System

- Slider Closure for low profile secure closure

- Dual hang design allows the reservoir to hang vertically or horizontally


- Reservoir: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

- Hose: Polyurethane

- Bite Valve: Silicone

- Valve Insert: Polyethene

-BPA Free


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