About Us

TerraTribe's Origins

TerraTribe is the brainchild of its founder Tonia Krueger.

Tonia and her husband, Stefan, have both led active lives, trail running, hiking, climbing and having adventures all over the world. Between them they have competed in numerous Ultra marathons and both continue to be active participants in the sports they love.

Over the years, both admit they have made many mistakes:
wrong gear, wrong preparation, wrong advice and so on... but learning from those mistakes has led to continuous improvement.

They have both been living, trail running and hiking, in North Brisbane since 2011. During this time they found that they had a huge selection of beautiful trails to run and hike on and amazing mountains to climb, but no where close by to go try on and get advice on the best gear and clothing for their adventures. This led to the decision to bring a store to the north side of Brisbane to make it easier for all outdoor enthusiasts to gear up for their next adventure.

TerraTribe is a way for Tonia and Stefan to share with other adventurers the knowledge they have acquired, and give back to the sports they love.


About Tonia Krueger

Founder of TerraTribe

Tonia's passion for adventure and the outdoors started when she was growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe where every spare moment was spent exploring, climbing, running and horse riding. After school she met her future husband, Stefan, and became an avid rock climber, tackling sports, trad and ice climbs in South Africa, Europe and New Zealand. While living in New Zealand, both of their climbing careers came to an abrupt end in 2011 after a series of earthquakes in Christchurch left the rock too brittle and broken to safely climb on. 

Having hiked the 60km Kepler Track in Fiordland shortly before this, and hearing the story about a crazed bunch of runners who ran the whole 60km track every year, her mind was made up and she started training to become one of these crazed runners and hasn't looked back! 

In January 2021 Tonia quit her job and started setting up TerraTribe, with a vision of using her experience and passion for the outdoors to help others on their journeys.


TerraTribe's PURPOSE

We want to enable people to make a connection with the sports we love, and the amazing planet we live on. Our years of experience of trail running, hiking and climbing has given us a huge amount of useful, practical knowledge that we can share with others. We can use our experience to help people select gear that’s right for them and offer practical advice. By developing a community of people from curious beginners, to the moderately experienced, right up to elite athletes, we can share and grow our passion for running, hiking and climbing, and embarking on new adventures, helping others to maximise their enjoyment. This passion for sharing and community is key to our brand’s success.


TerraTribe's Attributes

  • SPECIALISED -The brands and products we select for the TerraTribe store are ones we know suit the quality, comfort, reliability and durability required by our demanding sports. ‘Everyday’ sports brands are not there. With every run, hike or rappel, we want our customers to know they can confidently rely on their gear.
  • FOCUSED CHOICES - We have a genuine choice of products to suit different types of people. We make sure that our beginner customers can embark on their adventures with good gear that’s right for their level. We also have high-end gear for elite athletes, and all the shades in between.
  • BEYOND PRODUCTS - Not every customer will need our input, but we have a huge amount of genuine experience and product knowledge. We can help people to make the right gear choices in the store for their level of participation. We can offer specialist or general advice, or just a friendly chat and the sometimes much needed encouragement - we've been there before.