TerraTribe Ambassadors and Advocates

A tribe is not made up of a single person but rather a group of people that all work together with a single purpose. This is why we have connected with like minded people to help us on our quest. We are all on this adventure together!! This is our tribe of ambassadors and advocates, Reesha, Stefan, Ian, Erica and Tim.



Reesha Lewis

Reesha certainly doesn’t need any introductions in the trail running world as she hit the scenes with an explosion in 2020, winning the Blackall 50km (1st Female), The Guzzler 50km (1st Overall), and the Coastal High 50km (1st Female). She’s also well known among the hiking community as she is regularly climbing one or more of the glasshouse mountains on any given day.

 However, that’s not what attracted us to her. We were inspired by her amazing story of how she changed her life around in just 6 years, losing 75kgs and working her way to the top in 3 different sports. She’s a mum of 2 and fits her training in around her family spending many hours training while her kids are at school. She is extremely focused and disciplined in her training and knows no limits which has led her to winning titles/medals in boxing, mountain running and ultra-trail running. Even with all this success she is still very down to earth and makes the time to chat to people. When talking to her you can feel her love and passion for the trails.

We think she is an inspiration to all, and we are incredibly happy to have her on board as an ambassador in our team.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan's a person who's always been happier in the outdoors. Growing up in a small semi-rural town in South Africa where he spent his weekends hiking and climbing in the nearby Amathole mountains, he was always an active member in the climbing community chairing the local university Mountain Club. 

After leaving South Africa he's run, hiked and climbed around the world. From frozen waterfall climbs in Norway, summiting Mt Elbrus in Russia to recently running 128km non-stop along the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, his passion for adventure has only grown stronger. A self seeded 'middle of the pack' runner who believes that getting older just means running further, he's a perfect fit for TerraTribe (plus he's married to the founder which helped him get selection!)


Ian Stuck

Ian is a family man as well as a passionate outdoors person who has been very involved and well connected in the hiking community for many years and he loves his snowboarding too. Last year he decided to give ultra-trail running a go and he’s proved that he’s a serious contender by competing in the big three QLD races - the Blackall 50 (8th male), The Guzzler 50km (4th male), and the Coastal High 50 (21st male just 3 weeks later).

We first noticed Ian because of his exciting weekend adventures. He loves to come up with a different challenge each weekend and we started chatting to him as we were curious about his Conondale challenge. We made an instant connection with him as he’s such a friendly person who’s always willing to share stories and offer advice and he is so down to earth and a genuinely good guy. He shares our love of new adventures and exploring the trails.

 He’s very enthusiastic and puts in so much energy an effort into everything he does which is why we couldn’t be happier having him on board as an ambassador and we are looking forward to working with him.


Erica Loeta

Erica’s energy, love for running and the outdoors, and genuine down to earth nature makes her a perfect fit for the TerraTribe team. She’s a very accomplished runner who’s just as happy doing a local parkrun (over 226 parkruns to her name) as she is doing an ultra (female winner of the 75km Gone Nuts).

She also gives back so much to the running community by volunteering at parkruns, at aid stations and is not afraid to put her hand up to help.

We love that she knows how to have fun and always has a huge smile on her face. She also shares our passions for sustainability. Welcome to the tribe Erica, we look forward to our adventures together!

Tim Dwyer

Tim's love for running started as a kid competing in Cross Country events across Victoria. Ten years ago he decided to take his hobby up a notch and started training for his first marathon, which it's fair to say went pretty well! With PB's of 2.35 for the marathon and 1.15 for a half to say he's fast is a bit of an understatement!

Recently Tim's come over to the dark side of Ultra Distance Trail Running, inspired by the atmosphere, friendliness, beautiful scenery and awesome trail running community we all know so well.

A big believer in the mental aspects of performance and endurance, and someone who likes to push his own mental and physical boundaries we're stoked to have Tim as part of the TerraTribe team!