CLIF Shot Energy Gel

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What is CLIF Shot Energy Gel?

CLIF SHOT is an easily-digested source of carbohydrates and electrolytes for performance athletes during activity. It is the only energy gel made with 85-90% organic ingredients giving athletes essential nutrition for performance.

How to Eat CLIF Shot Energy Gel

Generally, performance athletes need to consume 200-400 calories per hour from all sources, such as gels, chewables, bars and drinks. We recommend one packet 15 minutes prior to activity, then 2-3 packets per hour during activity to help support your needs. Always follow consumption with water.

Why Choose CLIF Shot Energy Gel?

Whether it’s their gear or their food, endurance athletes can’t afford to be loaded down with anything superfluous that doesn’t directly enhance performance. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel can help improve endurance performance with its fast-acting energy source from carbohydrates and organic maltodextrin and organic cane sugar.

Consuming carbohydrates during activity enhances performance by providing working muscles with a continuous supply of energy. While the body can store a limited amount of carbohydrates as glycogen, the harder it works the faster it burns through these stored carbohydrates. If carbohydrates are consumed during activity, the body can sustain activity for a longer period of time.

Why are CLIF Shot Energy Gels made with Organic Ingredients?

By using organically grown ingredients, we help keep highly toxic, persistent harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers out of the environment and our bodies, making organic farming and agriculture good for people and the planet. Organic produces less pollution and helps create nutrient-rich soil and increases biodiversity — helping to preserve the places we play like mountains, parks, rivers, and oceans. The National Organic Program also prohibits GMOs and ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

Why do some flavours of CLIF Shot Energy Gels have Caffeine?

Caffeine is an effective performance-enhancing ingredient. It gives athletes a boost in enhancing mental alertness. We use green tea extract, a source of caffeine, and have a special label on the packages of those flavors so you can easily tell that they contain added caffeine.

CLIF SHOT Energy Gel offers a variety of caffeine options (three levels – 25, 50, 100mg) so athletes can customize their caffeine consumption. Our flavors containing caffeine are Citrus (25mg), Strawberry (25mg), Mocha (50mg), Double Expresso (100mg) and Chocolate Cherry (100mg). Caffeinated flavors of CLIF SHOT Energy Gel are not intended for individuals under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, or for those sensitive to caffeine. We also offer three flavors with no caffeine: Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate, Razz and Vanilla Flavor.



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